Premium Frame, Ledge & Brace Tongue and Groove Gate


The Frame, Ledge and Brace Tongue and Groove Gate is by far our most popular and strongest style of gate and suitable for single or pairs of gates. The Premium Style is the strongest gate we do and is made with 95mm x 47mm framing (4″ x 2″) framing and is clad with 12mm tongue and groove. The framing and the tongue and groove are all tanalised (pressure treated green), prepared (PAR) and smooth which allows for a nice finish as well as for ease of painting. It is avaliable in two different strengths of framing, the Standard and the Premium. It is made with a Z style frame. All of our wooden gates can be made to measure. Please contact us to ask for a quote. These gates can be very heavy in the larger sizes, as such we recommend on these bigger sizes you use the Hook and Ride Hinges and have a 150mm x 150mm (6″ x 6″) post to help support them.

Note: All of our products are made to the metric measurements given. The imperial is just for reference. All sizes given are approximate.

All prices include VAT.