Tee Hinge


Tee hinges are perfect for many purposes. We always recommend you use 3 hinges on gates on gates 1.68m Tall or higher. Our most popular sizes are below. 300mm Tee Hinges are perfect for hanging a light weight gates (For example a prepared or Heavy Duty Palisade Gates). 375mm Tee Hinges are our most popular size of hinge and are ideal for hanging Front Garden Gates, Closeboard Gates and even Ledge and Brace Tongue and Groove Gates closeboarded gates up to 0.90m (3′) Wide. Bright-Zinc Plated Hinges are a more economical alternative to the Galvanised (both have a silver finish). Our 450mm Hinge is a superb hinge for use when hanging our Frame, Ledge and Brace Tongue and Groove gates as well as all of our FLB gates up to 0.90m (3′) Wide. 500mm Hinges are very strong hinges ideal for hanging any of our 1.20m (4″) Wide FLB gates.

Note: All of our products are made to the metric measurements given. The imperial is just for reference. All sizes given are approximate.

All prices include VAT.