Pairs of Frame, Ledge & Brace Closeboarded Gates


This Frame, Ledge and Braced (FLB) Closeboarded pair of gates are a very popular option when making a double gate into a garden as they most closely match the Closeboard Panel and Closeboard section type of fencing. These fully framed gates are made with 75mm x 38mm (3″ x 1 1/2″) pressure treated framing which forms a Z style brace and features a full frame around the edge for extra strength (frame, ledge and braced). It is clad with pressure treated 100mm (4″) feather edge. All of our wooden gates can be made to measure. Please contact us to ask for a quote. The pair of gates come with 2 gates of equal size to cover the width as well as a centre strip to cover the gap between the gates. These gates can be very heavy in the larger sizes, as such we recommend on these bigger sizes you use the 450mm or 500mm Hinges with them to give the gate extra support. All closeboarded gates are made with the metric sized feather edge plus a capping (that is approximatley 30mm high).

Note: All of our products are made to the metric measurements given. The imperial is just for reference. All sizes given are approximate.

All prices include VAT.