Each sold seperately, a Thunderbolt is a 4″ x 2″s (Wall Plate’s) best friend. These high quality concrete fixings are the original all metal concrete/brick wall fitting. Just drill a hole the same size as the Thunderbolt, clean the whole out and then screw the Thunderbolt directly into the hole! No need for any plugs! We do a large variety of thicknesses and lengths for all sorts of occassions! The most popular sizes are: M6 x 100, M8 x 100 and M10 x 100 these are all primarily used for attaching 4″ x 2″ to a concrete or brick wall. Other popular sizes are below: M8 x 60 are primarily used for attaching Boltdowns to a concrete base or paving. M6 x 150’s and M10 x 150’s are popular for attaching a 100mm Wooden Post to a wall.

Note: All of our products are made to the metric measurements given. The imperial is just for reference. All sizes given are approximate.

All prices include VAT.